Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping

The SLC in-house team, supplemented by carefully selected subcontractors, can carry out a wide range of Hard Landscaping tasks. These are just a few samples of our work from hundreds of successful projects we’ve delivered over the decades.

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Paving, blocks, sleepers, sand, safety surfaces, “Sureset” resin bonded gravel, plus more…

From the richness of diamond sawn Yorkstone to standard municipal slabs and everything in between, SLC are experienced contractors who have laid every type of surface you might imagine. We can deal with anything from a small section of feature-edging repair, right up to new construction of paths and roadways.

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Structural retaining walls and feature dividers in a range of materials

We’ll build these using any safe and suitable material, from blocks reclaimed from site to an interesting range of new materials and textures.

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Bespoke Structures are one of our specialities

SLC will construct all manner of items, using materials ranging from Stainless Steel to Robinia.

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Bins, cycle racks, people counters, benches, signs, boulders and seating tables; we really have created and installed the lot.

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Fencing and Railings

SLC supply and instal all types of barriers, railings and fencing, including gates. This includes everything from simple low-level single horizontal poles to divide an area, through brick and cast railings constructions of any height or complexity.

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