Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping

The SLC team, supplemented by carefully selected subcontractors, can carry out a wide range of Soft Landscaping tasks, covering the smallest area of turf to large trees. Below are just a few samples of our work, from hundreds of successful projects we’ve delivered over the decades.

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Whether they are a bespoke build by SLC to your design, or ‘off-the-shelf’ from an existing supplier. Planters can either be fully prepared and planted for a more mature effect, or left for residents or children to plant to their own preferences. We’ve found that when the local residents really gets involved in the opening and planting of a project, particularly where play-space is included, this creates a strong community ownership and often leads to the space becoming a great social focus.


Whether an area is to be turfed or grass seeded, SLC are well equipped to complete the task. We’re also ready deliver your soft landscaping needs for any sized area.


SLC can supply and plant into existing beds, or create completely new planting areas for shrubs, bulbs and trees. Because we know precisely what soil conditions, various types of planting will need, we prepare the correct soil depth and conditions to ensure that the new planting will establish and develop as quickly as possible.

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