Play Spaces

We’ve built a lot of play spaces over the years. Some are a feature within a bigger landscaping project, while others are dedicated spaces that have to be safely designed into available but limited urban space. SLC, through our in-house team and carefully selected subcontractors have built over 40 high quality play spaces just in the past year. We are experts at taking a derelict space and transforming it into a safe place for local kids to play, learn and really enjoy themselves.

Please call us on 01277 655010 or get in touch online to discuss any aspect of Health and Safety.

Nursery and School Case Studies

We’ve created plenty of dedicated play areas for schools an nurseries. This means SLC are perfectly placed to help you create the best mix of facilities and features to keep the age group(s) interested.

Sandringham School

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Bath House

The left picture shows the scene before we started. Everything was very tired and untidy looking. Once the SLC treatment was complete, the entrance had smart new stone capped pillars, a York stone path plus a whole new adjacent play area for the children.
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Multi Use Games Area (MUGAS)

We can mix hard and soft landscaping, planters and play areas into one flowing multi-use area. Blending features in this way, creates a really versatile space that can be used by a wide range of people from the local community.

Unity Close

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Saltram Close

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Urban Regeneration

We have plenty of experience in taking what may be a derelict area and transforming into a fresh, engaging and genuinely useful space for the local community. We select the most robust materials to withstand years of heavy use while requiring little to no maintenance.

Fulham Court

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Lisson Green

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Maystar Estate

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Tooting Triangle

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We done a lot of work with regional Parks Authorities to create some really exciting and creative spaces. Sometimes this can involve some very large areas but SLC have plenty of experience with big projects and can deliver acres of landscaping just as smoothly as smaller projects.

Lambeth Walk

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Battersea Park

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Chinbrooke Meadows

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Haydon Road

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