Landscaping Parks & Play areas in Essex and the South East

Landscaping Parks & Play areasLandscaped green spaces are a treasured resource that Southern Landscape & Construction (SLC) will help you maximise. Our full service includes professional design, landscape construction and planting services. We can also keep it looking at its best with subsequent grounds maintenance and gardening services.

Pocket Parks landscaping design and build

Typically less than an acre (0.4 hectares) in size but sometimes bigger than, say, a tennis court – our pocket parks lift any public space and delight the community that surrounds it and enjoys it.

We can transform unloved, neglected or derelict areas into new green spaces. No two are the same and we prioritise fitting in with the local environment to enhance and not clash.

We create imaginative spaces for people to relax and play, always guided and directed by your ideas and desired outcomes. Park furniture plays a significant role too, and we can offer a wide range of options and styles to provide a high quality finish to your space and maximise usage.

Case Studies

Landscaping Country Parks, Green Corridors and Village Greens

We transform large open spaces into valued amenities. It takes a considered landscape strategy to maximise the best aesthetic and visual pleasure of these resources and that is where our experience shines through.

Our designs incorporate a pleasing element of discovery for visitors, weaving in any meadows or informal grassland/scrub habitats, wetland habitats, streams and topographical features.  We can incorporate a footpath network that reveals its features and attractions to best advantage in a highly pleasurable way for visitors.

Planning the landscaping all depends on how natural the resource is meant to be kept and what amenities such as lakes or ponds already exist or can be constructed. The availability of water, or lack of it, strongly influences any planting plan.

Every large space is unique, bringing its own joys as well as challenges to best develop the landscape. We always start with a site visit to learn and appreciate its natural resources, topography and so on.

Exciting playgrounds landscaped with OBRA & MAIER play equipment

Exciting playgrounds landscapedOur safety-first design principles don’t prevent our playgrounds from being thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable for children.

We deliver exceptional results in a whole range of settings from kindergarten, school, and day care locations to residential complexes, municipal and urban spaces. Every installation is unique because your requirements steer the design.

Choose play equipment to suit your budget, the range of play activities you want to provide and the level of usage you anticipate.

For example, OBRA wooden equipment is extremely robust and practically zero maintenance and sustainable sourced.. MAIER offers different exciting options. We can create inspiring layouts, such as based on a Sailing Ship or Inland Freighter that are guaranteed to make any child’s eyes open wide with delight.

Trim Trails: Hugely popular children’s obstacle courses consisting of a variety of apparatus arranged to create different and immensely enjoyable physical challenges. Trim Trails are superb for encouraging fitness in kids in a way that they cannot resist using.

Many are rope traverse challenges that can easily be rearranged to provide variety but the range of equipment we can supply covers a multitude of experiences. Activities such as balance bars, challenge nets (climbing rigging), jungle bars, wobbly bridges… these instantly attract children to participate.

Trim Trails make PE fun and something to look forward to. Talk to us about the different pieces of equipment we can provide and how we can landscape the setting and the activities.

Outdoor gym and street workout equipment properly landscaped and designed

Outdoor gym and street workout equipmentWe create outdoor fitness parks  in community or park environments that invite and encourage adults to exercise, often while their children play around them.

The specialist equipment is designed to be low maintenance, easy and intuitive to use, and will not result in injury. No need for personal trainers to attend while anybody can enjoy strength and cardio workouts.

Take advantage of a commercial landscape service such as ourselves at Southern Landscape & Construction in Billericay. The benefits of a professionally thought out and designed layout will shine through in a well-constructed gym, populated with interesting and tempting equipment.

The whole purpose of landscaping and installing an outdoor gym is to get encourage people to use it. That is always our ultimate goal when we sit down with you to lay out the design.

Take the next step to realising your landscaping project

It all starts with a brief informal chat with one of our landscaping experts. First, we get to understand what you want to achieve and only then do we make suggestions about how it might be best accomplished.