Specialist surfacing in London, Essex and surrounding counties.

We deliver and install all types of surfaces for commercial clients, both traditional surfacing and Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) compliant where required. They are a perfect solution for landscaping, surfacing and resurfacing projects that marry tough hard-wearing materials with an attractive finish to enhance your project’s visual appeal.

A professional approach is the foundation layer for great surfacing

Successful high quality specialist surfacing needs 4 things to be aligned:

  • The right material for the type of traffic and wear expected
  • Environmentally friendly, often incorporating flood risk management factors
  • Specialist groundworks that lay the foundations for material and drainage
  • Trained and fully qualified installers

Those are our priorities at Southern Landscape & Construction, operating out of Billericay in Essex.

Many of the proprietary surfacing products that we lay require us to be fully trained and licensed as Approved Installers. That is your guarantee of a highly professional job that is sure to satisfy.

Case Studies

Safety Surfacing for play areas and exercise parks

Mulch and rubber are the most popular surfacing materials because they absorb falls and knocks harmlessly. There are many variations from a range of manufacturers, with varying costs, benefits, critical fall heights and requirements for surface preparation. We will be happy to assess the constraints of your project and come up with suitable suggestions and alternatives.

Tiger-Mulch porous safety surfacing is made from recycled tyres and rubber

Tiger Mulch is made from recycled bus and lorry tyres. First they processed to remove all metal content, shredded, washed and then coloured. The result is an extremely safe “rubbery” surface that is perfect for many uses including playgrounds and exercise parks.

One of the significant benefits is that you often do not need a sub-base or any aggregate.

The area to be surfaced is excavated to the required depth and a weed-blocking membrane is laid. Then the Tiger Mulch is poured in and spread evenly. It does not need any edging or border because the surrounding grass roots grow slightly into the edges, Locking it all in place securely.

Agri-flex – rubber chippings that look like an aggregate surface

Another sustainable specialist safety surfacing product made from old tyres, Agri-flex comes in a range of colours that include natural stone chippings to enhance your preferred colour scheme. Similar to Tiger Much in that it displays excellent shock absorbent properties and permeability, it is another popular choice for play areas.

Flexi-Pave permeable surfacing for access roads and vehicle parks

Capable of supporting park vehicles with the correct sub-base, Flexi-Pave is made from recycled rubber mixed with crushed stone and bound together with a urethane agent. It is highly porous too to help prevent build-up of surface water. Being flexible, it does not crack and has high insulation properties.

It can be poured on-site and cures within 24 hours to deliver an extremely robust, hard-wearing and long lasting surface. Any organisation conscious of its emissions welcomes Flexi-Pave with is extremely attractive environmentally-friendly credentials.

Sureset permeable resin-bound paving and surfacing

The Sureset company manufactures a great number of surfacing and sub-surface products in a range of colours, mostly using recycled materials of many types.Resin bound surfacing is special kiln-dried aggregate mixed with a UV stable two-part binding resin. The resulting surfacing is porous, slip resistant, low maintenance and durable. A choice of natural colours ensures it blends well with existing environments.

Perfect for:

  • Car parks, Roadways, Footpaths, Access ramps, Stairwells
  • Large pedestrianised areas, Hard landscaping, Woodland walks

It can be laid directly on many existing surfaces such as concrete/cementitious, flexipath, asphalt, and more. It resists weeds, frost damage and cracking and is SuDS compliant.

Installed at Cheltenham racecourse, for example, it guarantees no puddles or loose stones and carries a 15 year guarantee.

BodPave “Grass” matting

BodPave is another excellent paving material made from recycled plastic. The cellular porous pavers can be formed into an interlocking grid to surface a parking area or to stabilise a gravel or worn down grass surface that can take vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Their ground protection properties and robust toughness, together with the fact that they don’t need any significant surface preparation, makes them a great cost-effective choice for many projects.

Grass grid paving blends greenery with a traffic-bearing surface

This technique uses paving with open cells through which grass can grow but is protected by the structure itself from the traffic passing over it. Materials can be made from concrete, resin or recycled materials, all with their own cost and surface preparation profiles.

Synthetic turf delivers a speedy solution that looks great

Artificial grass has been around for a long time and its popularity is driven by its ease of use and versatility. It can transform an unsightly area overnight into a visually attractive and resilient feature. Materials have greatly advanced since the early days and the range of tones and grass-like textures means it is the first choice for many sports surfaces as well and green areas.

Synthetic turf comes in rolls that can be cut to size and laid in a similar manner to carpet.

Take a moment to explain your specialist surfacing needs to us

The best way to progress your project is a no-obligation chat with our experts. Once we understand what you want to achieve with your project, we can suggest a number of approaches and materials to deliver a successful outcome.